How Can You Prepare Your HVAC System For Back To School? 

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Back to school may be an exciting time for some, an overwhelming time for others, or a mix of the two. And no matter if you’re beginning your college journey, expanding your education, or your kids are headed to school this fall, it can all feel a tad stressful. The last thing Milford Heating & Cooling wants to do is increase that stress, so let us help you and your home with some brief suggestions to ready your HVAC system for this time of year.  

What Is The Importance Of A Clean Air Filter?  

Your air filter plays a vital role in your heating and cooling system. While they may appear insignificant, air filters benefit your HVAC system in several ways. As we shift seasons, we advise replacing a contaminated air filter with a clean one or, at the very least, thoroughly cleaning the one you have. Remember to swap out air filters every 1-2 months, ideally before the winter season arrives. Here are some benefits of changing your air filter regularly:  

  • Lower Energy Costs 
  • Longer HVAC Life Expectancy  
  • Healthier Air Quality  
  • Less Frequent Repairs and Breakdowns  
  • Peace of Mind  

Why Should I Tidy Up My Coils?  

Dirty coils cause your home’s air quality to decline, motors to seize up, as well as decrease the life expectancy of your unit. Furthermore, maintenance on unclean systems increases the likelihood of misinterpreted unit troubles and excessive and inadequate restorations.  

Why Clean My Outdoor Unit?  

It’s vital to tidy up your outdoor unit before the cold weather takes place to ensure you get the most out of your unit’s functioning and financial efficiency. Air conditioners and heat pumps require proper airflow to transport heat effectively. You can do this by keeping two feet surrounding your unit clear, pulling any vegetation, and removing any obstructions within this parameter. Anything more, we suggest professional attention.  

If you genuinely desire to do a little more for your unit, you could also clean your compressor, primarily your cooling fins, if you feel confident doing so. The first step is to turn off the power and remove the top panel. Gently clean out as much dirt and debris as feasible with a shop vac. Next, clean the fins with a garden hose, but do not use a high-pressure nozzle. Clean in-to-out to guarantee the dirt and debris wash away from your unit. If fins are bent, you may correct them with a fine comb. If you do not have access to a fine comb, then a butter knife should get the job done. Anything beyond this you should leave to the professionals.  

Please, do not disregard the significance of professional HVAC maintenance this fall. Here at Milford Heating & Cooling, we comprehend this may be a busy time, but we would hate to see any needless deterioration to your unit, particularly as winter approaches. So, call us today at (513) 655-5112, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! And as always, we appreciate your time and business! 

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