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Media Air Filters Services in Milford, OH

Air filters have come a long way in recent years. Today’s media air filters offer homeowners superior air filtration at a fraction of the cost. Milford Heating & Cooling offers residents throughout the Southwest Ohio area the best prices on media air filters. If you have the typical one-inch-thick air filter that almost all HVAC units are usually equipped with, the quality of your home’s air supply might not be as good as you need it to be. In fact, the standard HVAC air filter doesn’t actually improve indoor air quality at all. It protects equipment and that’s it. To improve your residential air quality, you need something more effective to keep your home’s air supply clean and healthy. As your local air care experts in Clermont and Hamilton counties, we at Milford Heating & Cooling are happy to help.

Media Filter vs. Standard Filter

What is the difference between your standard air filter and a media filter?
The overall main differences are their size and effectiveness. Media air cleaners are essentially cabinets that are positioned in the return air duct of forced-air HVAC systems. Media filters improve air quality by filtering the air. Standard filters are an inch thick and do little to improve air quality. They merely protect the equipment. As such, media air cleaners are four to five inches thick while the standard air filter is an inch. This much thicker filter is what provides far more air filtration. We at Milford Heating & Cooling offer indoor air quality solutions from top brand names, with products like the Honeywell Whole House Air Cleaner and the Aprilaire Air Purification System, among others.

Benefits of Air Filters

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1. Eradicates Household Air Pollution

With this installed into a residential HVAC unit, the media air cleaner continuously removes and filters out all sorts of particles, pollution and indoor allergens while they pass through the system. These impurities can lead to respiratory illnesses and other health issues. On top of the health benefits, removing these sorts of things from your air supply reduces dirt and dust in the home. Having less dust building up, in addition to cleaner air, your home will look cleaner and feel better.

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2. The Media Filter Lasts Longer

Our home heating and cooling experts recommend homeowners replacing these high-performance accordion air filters at least one time per year. However, you should be checking them at least every six months for replacement. Depending on all the various factors contributing to the dust accumulation in your home, your air filters might only need to be replaced a minimum of one time every year.

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3. Preserves HVAC Systems

Anything you can do to make your HVAC equipment last longer is a major benefit because these systems are expensive to replace. As noted above, the use of a media air filter helps you prolong the lifespan of your HVAC unit. Using media filters helps keep the equipment’s indoor coil clean. Because a Whole-Home Air Cleaner is thicker with a much larger surface area to trap, capture and remove more dirt and dust then standard air filters, your equipment benefits in the long run as well.

How to Change an Air Filter

Changing your media air filter is an easy process we outline below.

For starters, media air filters come with the media filter already inside of the cabinet. However, eventually you’ll need to replace it because if it gets clogged, it’s incredibly hard on your HVAC equipment. To assist you through this simple process, your friends here at Milford Heating & Cooling outline a few simple steps below. Additionally, this short video also explains the process. 

Step One

Take out the media filter frame box from your HVAC. However, before doing this, make sure you turn off all power to your heating or cooling unit. Doing so is safe and also makes sure that you don’t get particles or dust in the system if it were to kick on while you were replacing the media.

Step Two

Find the four tabs on the filter frame box itself. Turn these to open up, allowing the sides of the frame to go down. This will give you access to the media for removal. From there, the old media easily comes out and can be thrown away. Because of their design, these are much easier to get rid of because they aren’t as bulky, and you can fold them up and throw them away.

Step Three

Uncoil the new media so you can insert it into the filter frame. The end of the new media with cardboard should fit snugly into the first channel on the filter frame. Matching the old media, place one fold per base on the filter frame box. After this, there are only two accordion filters that fit several different frames. Because of this, you might have more folds than you do channels. If you do, it’s not a problem. If you have extras, you can bunch up any extra folds into one channel. It’ll still work fine.


Step Four

After you have inserted all the folds, lift the sides of the box so you’re able to reattach to the new media. Flip the tabs back in place to secure the media. When this is done, you’ve successfully replaced your media!

We Replace and Install Air Filters in Milford, OH!

With a name like “whole-house air cleaner,” you can bet this product delivers superior indoor air quality throughout the home. Milford Heating & Cooling offers homeowners in the Milford and Greater Cincinnati area the best deals on the highest quality whole-house cleaners. If you’re ready to take advantage of our special online offer for air cleaning to improve your home’s air quality and promote ideal health and well-being, you should call us today! This offer won’t last forever and our prices can’t be beat. Your local indoor air care experts here at Milford Heating & Cooling are the company to call.


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To help you pay for your new home comfort equipment, your local HVAC specialists have a rapport with numerous lenders, creditors and financial institutions to help you maintain your comfort levels year-round and make monthly payments to pay off the new equipment efficiently in a period of time that works best for you.

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Common Air Filter Questions & Answers

How long do media air filters last?

Media filters can give a homeowner cleaner air and filter out far more. In short, they are able to remove smaller particles without restricting the system’s airflow. Usually, media air filters last for 6 to 12 months until they need to be replaced. It’s a good idea to perform a visual inspection of your air filter regularly. 

Are media filters worth the cost?

The standard air filters that are used in HVAC systems aren’t actually designed to improve indoor air quality. To effectively improve your indoor air quality and promote health throughout the home, having a media filter installed is strongly recommended. Media filters are positioned between the blower cabinet and the main return duct. They are made with a deeply pleated, paper-like material that filters the air far more effectively. In fact, media air cleaners are at least 7 times better than a standard filter at removing dust and other airborne particles.

Do media air cleaners really make much of a difference?

In short, the answer is yes. Research shows how properly filtering the air supply circulating in a dwelling removes harmful particles and air pollution in certain rooms and other indoor living areas. This includes all sorts of allergens, smoke, mold and more. Nevertheless, air purifiers always work best when used in conjunction with proper air filtration in addition to proper cleaning techniques.

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