Residential Air Conditioner & Cooling System Services in Milford, OH

We offer homeowners in Southwest Ohio all types of residential air conditioning systems and A/C services with competitive pricing on the HVAC industry’s top brand equipment. As an Authorized Amana Dealer, we sell and install the highest quality systems at the most affordable price rates with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Milford Heating & Cooling Cares About Your Residential Comfort & Air Conditioning

We bring the personal touch of a family-owned business to the HVAC industry with the bulk buying power and expertise of a major company. We have a wide selection of air conditioning products, A/C equipment and A/C services for Cincinnati area residents every day of the summer with extended hours of customer support that work with your busy schedule. We are the AC repair team in your area and our home cooling techs offer a/c repairs, A/C installation, central air system replacement, air conditioner maintenance, A/C tune-ups and diagnostics in addition to dehumidifiers and air purification. We service customers all across Southwest Ohio and encourage you to call us today if you have any sort of A/C question or A/C problem that needs an expert’s opinion.
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Air Conditioner Repair in Milford, Ohio, and Surrounding Areas

A/C repair in the Greater Cincinnati area has never been so fast, affordable and efficient. Milford Heating & Cooling offers emergency a/c repair service and affordable ac repair 24/7 including holidays. And Milford Heating & Cooling knows this better than anyone in the HVAC industry. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning is our passion, and keeping your home cool is a breeze to our team members no matter what sort of problem you’re having.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Cincinnati, Ohio

Your local air conditioning experts at Milford Heating & Cooling encourage you to take the necessary actions to prevent these issues in the first place by having A/C maintenance performed as part of seasonal maintenance services offered by our experts. This includes air conditioning tune-ups, A/C servicing, cleanings and home cooling equipment inspections. Air conditioning system maintenance on a home cooling system goes a long way in protecting your parts, condensers, A/C fans, compressors and other components.

Air Conditioner Installation & Replacement in Hamilton County

When the time comes to replace a central air conditioning system in a home, the scope of work and skill level required is never a DIY job a homeowner should try on their own. At the same time, you should never hire a handyman or second-rate AC installer to perform the work either. Because home cooling systems are intricate machines that should be seen as investments in the home, finding the right AC installation contractor to help you through the AC replacement process is an extremely important decision.

3 Home Cooling Efficiency Tips

Keeping a home cool during the summer comes with a cost. With that cost continuously rising each year, it’s essential for homeowners to take advantage of energy-efficient home cooling solutions that optimize home comfort equipment. Throughout the hottest months of the year, residential air conditioning units are necessities for comfort, rest and relaxation. Cool air can seem priceless when the weather is humid and hot outside, although it’s definitely not priceless. If you’re looking for tips to lower your home cooling costs and keep your A/C unit running at its best throughout the summer, check out the following tips:


Milford HVAC 3 Air Conditioner Efficiency Tips
Milford HVAC - 3 Tips

1. Air Vent and Air Duct Maintenance

Make sure your air ducts are properly insulated and sealed heading into the summertime, especially any that might go through the attic or any other areas that aren’t air-conditioned. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to check for holes or leaks in the ductwork once every year. If you find air leaks, duct tape can be used as a temporary repair. However, eventually, holes and leaks will need to be fixed properly by a professional. 

Milford HVAC - 3 Tips

2. Replace your air conditioner’s air filters regularly

Air filters affect your air conditioner’s airflow. All HVAC equipment needs ample airflow to operate efficiently. Because of this, it’s vital to remember to check your home cooling system’s air filters regularly throughout the summer because they can accumulate dust and dirt quickly and become obstructed. Dirty air filters hinder airflow.

Milford HVAC - 3 tips

3. Use appliances sparingly

Limiting the use of appliances and heat-generating equipment will go long way in keeping the home cool. By minimizing the use of lamps, cooking appliances, other electronics, and televisions you minimize the heat they release in the home while your air conditioner is working to cool it. Moreover, it’s essential to keep these electronics and appliances away from your thermostat. 

Residential Heat Pump Services in Milford, OH

Although they’re called “heat pumps” these HVAC units aren’t merely for heat. While heat pumps do provide some heat, they also cool homes and buildings. Because of this, this single HVAC system can be used for both winter and summer weather. Additionally, heat pumps are also energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

In order to give you with that year-round comfort, heat pumps use an air handler inside. The equipment outside the home, however, looks very much like a residential air conditioner. Like an air conditioner, heat pumps cool the home using refrigerants. To give homeowners heat during the winter, heat pumps extract heat from either the air or the ground and transfer it inside. During the summer, the unit extracts the heat out of your indoor air to cool the home.

Milford HVAC Heat Pump

Emergency A/C Services in Milford, Ohio

Your air conditioning emergency matters to us
If your central A/C unit breaks down when you need it most, when you’re counting on it for cool comfort from Ohio’s hot and humid weather, you need an air conditioning repair company that takes your call as if it’s an emergency. You need Milford Heating & Cooling and the good news is we are happy to help.

Common Air Conditioning & Cooling Questions & Answers

Should I repair my A/C, or replace it?

If you are wondering whether to replace your AC or go ahead and pay for the repairs, you should consider three factors. The first is the unit’s age. When air conditioning equipment is older than 10 years old, it might be time to plan for replacement. The next question is the unit’s overall energy efficiency. If home cooling costs are increasing, it’s a sign your unit is outdated. The third factor is the overall repair costs. Many experts recommend getting a new furnace and new air conditioner if the repair bill is ever above $800.

Why is my air conditioner freezing up?

Air conditioning systems are full of parts that move and flow and things can get stuck. Things can become broken, or clogged. Airflow is the name of the game when it comes to home comfort equipment. Refrigerant lines can get a kink or fans can overheat or stop moving. Air filters becoming clogged is a major cause of A/C freeze-ups. Then also things can leak. When refrigerant lines become too low, it is also known to cause freezing ups with an air conditioner.

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Buy Today, Pay Over Time with HVAC Financing

To help you pay for your new home comfort equipment, your local HVAC specialists have a rapport with numerous lenders, creditors and financial institutions to help you maintain your comfort levels year-round and make monthly payments to pay off the new equipment efficiently in a period of time that works best for you.

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