Happy April Fools’ Day! Today is a day to stay alert and avoid falling for simple jokes and pranks that might just show your gullibility. While the exact origin of this day is unknown, many enjoy the day for some harmless fun and the sake of laughs. However, as your local HVAC experts, Milford Heating & Cooling doesn’t play tricks. Let’s debunk common HVAC myths to clarify misinformation in the vast online world. It’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction, but we’re here to help. Thank you for trusting us; let’s dive in!  

HVAC Myth 1 – Thermostat Location Does Not Make a Difference 

One common HVAC myth is that the location of your thermostat does not matter. But the truth is, the thermostat’s placement is crucial. It reads the temperature in your home and then communicates with your HVAC system to regulate and control air distribution. So, if your thermostat is near a heat source or drafty area, it may give an inaccurate temperature reading, causing your HVAC system to blow air irregularly and leading to unnecessary problems. Install thermostats on interior walls, away from heat sources and drafts. Hallways are usually a good choice. But if you’re looking to install a new thermostat or perhaps relocate an old one, it may be best to consult a licensed professional for some assistance. 

HVAC Myth 2 – Setting the Temperature Higher or Lower Than You Need Will Help Your System 

There’s another misconception that adjusting your thermostat to extreme temperatures (higher or lower than you actually need) speeds up heating or cooling. In reality, HVAC systems regulate air flow at a set pace no matter what, so changing the temperature to higher or lower won’t affect how quickly your home reaches that level. Practicing this myth only wastes energy, letting your home reach a temperature that you don’t need, not to mention your patience waiting for something to happen sooner than it will. Instead, set your thermostat to your comfort level and let the HVAC system work efficiently. 

If this is a frequent issue for you, consider getting a smart thermostat if you do not have one already. It lets you adjust the temperature remotely via your smartphone, ensuring your preferred temperature when you return home. No more waiting around! 

HVAC Myth 3 – Changing Your Air Filters Regularly Is Not Necessary 

If you’ve heard it before, you’ve likely heard it many times. Changing your air filters is important! Yet, some may mistakenly believe that it’s unnecessary to change your HVAC system’s air filters frequently. But please let us clarify that regular air filter changes are essential and advantageous! 

Let’s think about it. What exactly do air filters do? Air filters are part of your HVAC system to help remove dust and other particles from the air in your home. This prevents contaminants from entering your HVAC system and home. These tiny particles can affect your Indoor Air Quality if not addressed. To tackle this, it’s advised to replace your air filters every 1-2 months. So, ensure safety by changing your air filters regularly! 

HVAC Myth 4 – Keeping Up with Your Maintenance Checkups Is Not Important 

We’ve saved the best for last – preventative maintenance. Let’s talk about your yearly air conditioner and furnace checkups. When did you last service your units? Do you keep up with these checks or only call when something’s wrong? Your AC and furnace work hard to keep your home comfy. Despite the popular belief that it won’t really make a difference whether you keep up with your seasonal maintenance, it’s still important to schedule those seasonal checkups! Just like we regularly change the oil and tune up our cars, our HVAC system needs care, too! There are key components to check in your HVAC unit before each season.  

As a homeowner, it’s vital to make sure your units are ready to tackle the oncoming seasons. You should schedule furnace maintenance in early fall and an air conditioning maintenance check in late spring or early summer. Plus, when you keep up with these checks, your equipment manufacturer’s warranty is maintained! 

Hopefully, this HVAC blog has provided useful insights and helped you decide on the best course for your home and HVAC system. Distinguishing between myths and truths about your HVAC system can be challenging. Rest assured, we are here to support you with honesty and transparency. Interested in learning more about HVAC system maintenance? Don’t hesitate to explore our other blog posts! 

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